After writing this book for over six months now, I thought I would have a finished first draft that would need only slight revisions and then some editing.  Well, maybe a lot of editing. Boy, was I ever wrong.  After having the manuscript passed around to three different beta readers, they all came back to me with their suggestions.  Suggestions that I didn’t particularly like.  You see, it is hard to take criticism, especially when you’re not used to it.  You can say it hurts. And it does.  Yet it’s more like a kick in the head.  Well, anyway, the most prominent complaint that I received was that I would need to entirely rewrite the last hundred pages of Denial.  That is almost twenty-five percent of the book!  It seemed I had grossly overestimated one of my character’s personalities.  I was hoping to bring along an ending where everything worked out, and everyone was happy.  Well, unfortunately, when you’re dealing with the type of character I had written into the story, they never recover to the point at which I had first written them at the end of the book.  What a bummer!  I was advised that I had to be more realistic.  But I thought the whole idea of “fiction: was that anything could happen.  That the author was omniscient, and if I wanted the sky to be orangey with tufts of violet wafting across its double-sunned skies, so be it.  Guess what?  I was wrong.  It’s not the first time, and most certainly will not be the second!  Well, after a little finagling and, again, ‘out of the box’ thinking, I figured I would just save my original ending for my next book.  Yep, that’s right.  The next book that I’ve been working on as a sequel to this one: Denial II.  But that’s just the working title.  My first book, Denial, will dovetail perfectly into my next story (Denial II)–which may just include orangey skies etc.  JK . . . Well, anyway, I’m now working through my plot changes, adjusting the storyline in several places throughout the manuscript, and setting up for an ending I hadn’t planned on writing.  But no fears, it will still shock the reader and most definitely bring tears to everyone’s eyes!  I hope.

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Remington Arquette