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Too Pretty to Die cover

Too Pretty to Die

By Willow Rose

This was the first book I’ve read in the Eva Rae Series. I caught onto the FBI agent’s background rather swiftly. It was like I’d known her (her type) from the detective shows my father would sometimes ask me to watch with him, which I rather enjoyed…

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MIA cover


By Joseph Sciuto

Mia is a love story with a different kind of message. The main character, Joe, was fabulously rich but lacked the most important wealth of all: Love. That was until he miraculously met someone who came into his life and loved him and his beautiful yet troubled daughter…

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Wuthering Heights Cover

Wuthering Heights

By Emily Bronte

Very touching. Deeply exploring the unhealable wounds that scorn lovers must carry throughout their lives. I enjoyed the twisted emotional shifts; those intense scenes between lovers…

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My Evil Mother Cover

My Evil Mother

By Margaret Atwood

In my research of authors, I was drawn to Margaret Atwood. Such a powerful and influential author she is. In my reading of one of her shorter works, I found her style of writing (I need to say, “my style of writing”) similar in certain aspects…

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Josette Cover

Too Pretty to Die

By Katherine E.A Korkidis

Being a lover of ‘love stories,’ I happened upon Josette a the recommendation of a friend. Author Dr. Katherine Korkidis’ story captivated my imagination with her clean, crisp style. As a huge fan of coming-of-age literature, I could relate to Josette…

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